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Aging Options Articles

Each edition of the printed AgingOptions Resource Guide is full of informative articles and advice. We have provided some of the best for you here on our website. Enjoy!

Housing Options

Nursing Home Myths and Realities

There are many common misconceptions about nursing home services, rights and expectations. This article will help clear them up.

Organized Housing Options

Defines Independent Living, CCRC, Assisted Living Homes, Adult Family Homes and Nursing Homes.

Talking With Family About Placement

Steps to help make the decision for senior care less difficult.

Aging in Place

Design Considerations to Make Your Home Age-Friendly

Aging in Place is quite possible with appropriate modification to the living environment in a persons house, apartment, condominium, or manufactured home with a focus on safety and security.


Dealing With A Loved Ones Incapacity

A slip and fall leading to a broken hip, a trip to the hospital on account of a stroke, heart attack or other acute illness, or a diagnosis of Alzheimers, Parkinsons or other form of dementia are all examples of medical issues that can turn a retirees life upside down.

Helping Your Older Parents Stay Happy and Healthy

Tips to help you understand what may be happening to your parents as they age and what you can do to help. By Robert Stall MD, Geriatrician


Retirement Friendly Legal Planning

Ask Any Retiree or Aspiring Retiree - What keeps you up at night? You Are Likely To Hear: FEAR OF LOSING CONTROL; FEAR OF RUNNING OUT OF MONEY; But Above All FEAR OF HAVING TO GO TO A NURSING HOME. Is That You? If So, Read On . . .

Surviving and Thriving

Retirement planning needs to take into account the possibility of illness or accident.

Financial Considerations

How do uncovered and long-term care costs figure into the equation?


Aging In Place

Like most Americans, you probably want to stay in your home as you grow older; however, as it gets harder to do things on your own, you may need a helping hand with everyday tasks.